31 for 21: M is for Muscle Tone

One of the most common physical signs of Down syndrome is low muscle tone, or floppy baby syndrome. The hospital pediatrician mentioned it after Hannah’s birth, the children’s hospital doctors mentioned it, the visiting nurses and pediatrician mentioned it. I had no idea what they meant. Aren’t all newborns floppy? I finally asked one of Hannah’s nurses and she demonstrated, maneuvering Hannah’s arms and legs up and down with zero resistance from Hannah.

Low muscle tone means Hannah will take longer and need to work harder to do just about everything a little kid learns to do; however, there is a major advantage for this momma.

When Hannah’s tired or cranky her body is like jello and it makes for the sweetest snuggles. She melts into me. It’s like there’s nowhere else in the world she’d rather be than in my arms. Lately she’s been wrapping one arm around my neck, which has significantly increased the cuddle factor.


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