31 for 21: Y is for Yawn

I tried to finish this post for yesterday but I was just too tired and staring at the computer screen made it even worse.

Our poor Banana was pooped last night too. She had dual Birth to Three appointments again and no afternoon nap. The morning appointment with Anne didn’t seem too bad. Hannah didn’t want to be on her belly, but they did work on reaching to the sides for toys. When Grandma brought Hannah home from daycare I immediately knew it was going to be a tough afternoon session with Maureen. Her eyes were heavy and glassy, and she seemed a little irritated that there wasn’t a pacifier in her mouth (which she only wants when she’s ready to sleep).

Hannah was a trooper, putting up with most of our demands. She powered through a lot of tummy time, only getting a break when I needed to wipe up some spit up. The exasperated cries are always hard to hear. We know Hannah can roll from belly to back but when she’s tired and cranky she doesn’t even want to try. As much as I wanted to rescue her each time I know that doesn’t teach Hannah to problem solve.

These therapy sessions do give Hannah the opportunity to practice her stubbornness and she was happy to show off her progress yesterday. At one point Maureen and I tried everything to get Hannah to roll over to reach a toy, but Hannah only stuck her arm out to the side, keeping the rest of her body firmly planted. When she pulled her arm back in, the look on her face said “That’s cool, I didn’t want that elephant anyway.” I love watching such a tiny human have big opinions. And I love that she’s just like her momma because the desire to sleep will always overrule everything else.

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