May I have your attention, please? A big announcement

No, I’m not pregnant. And, unfortunately, we’re not getting another dog.

I’ve been daydreaming about something and it’s finally becoming a reality. It’s something that has mentally and emotional energized me and makes me so passionate that I want to cry.

Are you ready?



The inspiration…


The motivation…

IMG_6804 copy

The realization…

Flier raster.pngThe “I Am Awesome Extravaganza” will be a day dedicated to celebrating our loved ones with Down syndrome and what makes them awesome.

The event will begin with a showcase, where the participants will strut their stuff on stage while our emcee introduces them to the audience. Afterwards, food and refreshments will be served and everyone will have a chance to mingle and make new friends, while enjoying some music, posing for the photographer, visiting the face painter, and taking a chance at winning raffle prizes. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress.

Here’s the story of how the idea came about…One day I was reading my Google alert news and came across a story about recently crowned Miss Scott County in Virginia who has plans to organize a pageant for kids with special needs (inspired by her brother with Down syndrome). I thought that was a great idea except the word “pageant” stirs up other words like outer beauty and competition for me. Now I’m typically not an “Everyone’s a winner, here’s your participation trophy” kinda gal, but in my opinion, every kid with Down syndrome or any special needs should be celebrated. I love every opportunity to show off how awesome Hannah is. Then it hit me – why wait for an opportunity when I could create one?

Within hours I had the whole event planned out in my head. Admittedly I got carried away. Once I got to the “Fifth Annual” I had to reel myself back in to reality. It’s going to be a ton of work and I’m thrilled about that. There’s already been rejection and I haven’t even started hitting companies up for money and raffle donations.

Originally I was planning to post this after Christmas but I couldn’t wait to spill the beans. I’m still going to wait until the 28th to make the official announcement to the Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress and on the local Facebook groups. I hope with all my heart that people are interested. I’ll be doing a whole lot of “Field of Dreams” style praying. If you organize it, they will sign up, right?

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