Hannah’s All Grown Up

Hannah’s on the verge of turning the big o-n-e and every day she looks more and more like a little girl. It’s like she totally skipped the toddler scene and went straight to being an opinionated 6 year old. The other night I was stroking her head, putting her crazy bangs back in place and she pushed my hand away. When I tried to bring it back up to her forehead she grabbed my hand, pushed it to my leg, and held it there. She was exasperated and I was clearly embarrassing her in front of her stuffed animals.

Last weekend, her final weekend as a baby, was full of big girl activities. It started with her very first professional haircut and style. Hannah sat on my lap during my whole appointment and was treated to a quick trim and pigtails by my friend Ali. I see years worth of Mommy/Daughter salon dates in our future and was thrilled that Hannah was patient and content even though her lunch time was quickly approaching. I’m sure it helped that she got plenty of attention from Ali and the other women there.


The next day, sporting her new ‘do, Hannah went to the mall with her friends. That’s right, Hannah cruised the mall without parental chaperones. A few of Hannah’s daycare teachers had been expressing interest in taking Hannah to the mall and we finally arranged something for Sunday. I didn’t expect to want to cry when I  handed Hannah over and said goodbye. Alyssa and Makayla watch Hannah 40 hours a week but I still felt the need to ask them not to drop our baby or let her get kidnapped. Thankfully Pete and I received some pictures from the girls which we immediately shared with the grandparents. It was a big step for me and Pete because it was the first time Hannah’s been without a family member out in the real world.


It’s been a crazy year and tomorrow we finally get to celebrate this little one who’s growing up way too fast.

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