Hannah’s First GI Consult

This morning Hannah finally had a GI consult because she’s still spitting up bloody stuff occasionally. The pediatrician was under the impression that the issue stopped back in October/November when we stopped using the nasal aspirator but I told her during Hannah’s 12 month checkup that it was still happening every few weeks. She suggested keeping track of it and we could revisit the topic at the 15 month appointment. Then last week when Hannah was sick she threw up one night and it ended with some of the bloody mucous. Finally, the pediatrician said she’d submit a referral for a GI consult!

First we met with a nurse practitioner and discussed the history of the spit up, Hannah’s eating habits, and her persistent constipation. The NP didn’t seem too concerned by the spit up but honed in on Hannah’s weight gain plateau and disinterest in thicker food. I tried to explain to her that Hannah hated baby food at first and loves it now, and that it doesn’t seem like she has texture issues but more like she doesn’t know she has to chew the food first.

The NP suggested prune or pear juice to help Hannah move things along. She didn’t give me a straight answer when I asked how much because she doesn’t want Hannah’s liquid needs to be filled by sugary juice. The other option she mentioned was a prescription for lactulose, a synthetic sugar that’s absorbed directly by the large intestines. We’ll try the prune/pear route first and see how Hannah does.

When the doctor arrived the NP gave him a run down of our discussion and asked for his input. He said the spit up is not a GI issue at all because the consistency is mucous-like, which means it’s an ENT issue (who told me it was a GI issue). His opinion was that it’s a broken blood vessel in the nasal passages and shouldn’t worry us too much since it’s happening so infrequently. He also didn’t seem concerned by Hannah’s slow weight gain or food apprehension. He proposed a visit with the nutritionist (who I strongly dislike back from Hannah’s pre-surgery days) but I’d prefer to give Hannah the original 6 weeks the pediatrician suggested to catch up.

Overall the appointment wasn’t worthwhile. It seems to be the running theme with Hannah’s specialist visits lately (inconclusive hearing test, and “come back in three months” ENT visit). I did enjoy the extra snuggle time with my little love bug, who was fighting a new cold and a low fever.

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