Life with Hannah Banana Lately

Oh, hello there! Remember me?

I’ve taken some time away from the blog to just enjoy life with Hannah. And let me tell you, life has been great. Life is steady. We have a routine. Dare I say it’s been easy? Here’s a little update on what Hannah’s been doing…

Eating – As of this week Hannah’s bottles have been a mix of 2 oz of whole milk and 4-5 oz formula. She’s tolerating it well so next week I’ll slowly increase the whole milk. She’s eating 4 containers (4 oz each) of baby food and self-feeding puffs and baby cookies. Hannah’s made big improvements with real food. No more gagging! So far she’s happily eaten toast with jelly, french fries, rice, chicken, baked ziti, pancakes, home fries, and a taco meat/cheese/sour cream mixture on Taco Tuesday at daycare. We still need to work on chewing because she tends to let the food sit in her mouth until it softens but keeps asking for more and more.


Birth to Three – Hannah’s annual evaluation was on Wednesday and it went pretty well. Her score was a little low in the “Self Help” category because she still refuses to hold her own bottle or cup. There were also a few skills that Maureen needed to see Hannah do and Hannah flat out refused. For example, I put some puffs on my hand so Hannah could feed herself but Hannah wasn’t interested so she slapped my hand to make the puffs fall. Hannah’s still struggling with holding the crawl position without assistance but at least she doesn’t hate being on her hands and knees anymore. We’re also getting some OT help starting in May to help Hannah learn to chew.

Daycare – Hannah is officially in the back room with the mobile kids and I couldn’t be happier. She’s included in all the crafts, like finger painting and coloring, and sits in the mini highchairs with the other kids during snack time. There’s a big mirror that Hannah loves to play in front of (and once got so excited that she leaned forward and bumped her forehead on one of the mounting screws). Hopefully watching the other kids move around freely will motivate Hannah to get that little tush off the floor.

Sleep – Still the best sleeper ever but bedtime has been later and later lately. Hannah typically takes a nap at daycare from 4pm until 5ish which has pushed bedtime back from 7 to 7:30. The daycare staff asked if they could try one nap instead of two because Hannah’s not showing interest in the morning one. That’ll be interesting on the weekends when Hannah tries to avoid naps all together.

Playtime – Hannah’s playtime could be a reality show. She’s so stinkin’ funny! The singing, the laughing, the throwing of toys followed by a desperate reach to get them back. Our evenings are amazing. Watching Hannah figure out how to play with a new toy has brought me so much joy. Even though she’s content playing my herself I love when she looks up at me and smiles, waiting for me to reciprocate, or reaches out for my hand to get me to play too.


Medical – Hannah hasn’t seen a doctor since the sick visit for the stomach bug. We’ll make up for the break next month with cardiology, ENT, audiology, and a 15 month pediatrician checkup all within two weeks.

One thought on “Life with Hannah Banana Lately

  1. Pam Newman

    Thank you for the update! Her pics show a little girl face…the baby face is fading.
    You are such a good mom, Lee! Thank you for sharing.
    Love Pam and John


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