31 for 21: J is for Joy

This might sound crazy, and a little biased, but Hannah is the cutest kid to ever live. It’s something about that little pink face, big blue eyes, wide smile, all topped off with a mop of wispy hair. The chubby arms and legs. The miniature feet. The face she makes when she gets too many puppy kisses. The arms that reach out when she seems me. The happy vibe she exudes.

OK, so I’m mildly obsessed with the kid. But I’m not the only one. You should see the reactions she gets from her Daddy, her grandparents, her cousin Charlotte.

Absolute joy.

Last weekend Hannah and I stopped at Starbucks before a grocery store adventure. The woman behind us started giggling and said “I’m sorry, your daughter is just too cute.” As we walked through the produce section of Stop & Shop, Hannah’s look of wonder and amazement received quite a few smiles. It’s hard not to say “aww” when you see someone so excited by the colors of vegetables. When we left the store I heard someone call out “Oh my God that’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seen!” The funny thing is Hannah was completely concealed by the Ergo carrier, except for her little Pebbles ponytail popping out.

Absolute joy.

Hannah spreads joy like it’s her job. Her happiness is contagious. I picture it like little pixie dust floating through the air. You can’t escape it, and honestly, you wouldn’t want to. And no, having Down syndrome does not mean she’s always happy. She’s happy because that’s who she is.

hannah sparkle2

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