31 for 21: K is for Kirshbom

9a80dc61-3df8-4cf4-948e-79da59ae920e_w0Dr. Paul Kirshbom was the lead surgeon for Hannah’s open heart surgery. When I first met him he explained the surgery, the possible consequences, and answered my questions. He was very straightforward and businesslike, not too friendly. I remember being turned off by the cold bedside manner, assuming he didn’t get much practice since his patients were usually asleep while he tended to them. My opinion about him immediately changed after a quick Google search, where I learned he’s the chair of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery at the University of   Connecticut School of Medicine and Yale School of Medicine.

On surgery day, Dr. Kirshbom stopped by pre-op to meet Pete and ask if we had any additional questions. Five or six hours later he retrieved us from the main waiting room, assured us that the surgery went very well, and brought us into a smaller waiting room while Hannah was being moved into her ICU room. He disappeared, probably off to his next surgery. I figured his job with us was done and we wouldn’t see him again. Imagine my surprise when he stopped by the next day and each day that Hannah was in the ICU.

We owe him a lifetime of gratitude for the successful surgery and the amazing suture job that left the faintest scar. That being said, I would be happy to never have Hannah be his patient again.

Thanks again, Dr. Kirshbom!

Oh, what a beautiful, grandparent-filled weekend we had here in CT!

We had a visit from Juju and Jeep (my parents) on the books for a while and it had been a good month since they got to play with Hannah (since she was asleep for most of the Buddy Walk). They were on Hannah duty Saturday so Pete and I could see The Martian with Matt Damon. It was entertaining, maybe a little too long, but the suspense kept me from getting antsy. My parents stayed for a couple more hours to chat and admire Hannah before heading back to NJ. Hannah and Gamy were both tuckered out at the end of the day from the extra attention.

Hannah decided she’s allergic to sleeping in on weekends so she was wide awake and ready to play at 5:30 both mornings. She was plenty happy under the activity gym while I worked on some blog stuff. Finally, we woke Pete up to go on a family trip to the grocery store.


Later in the morning Pete dropped her off with his parents and I was able to get a ton of stuff done around the house in just 3 hours. Hannah returned hungry and ready for a nap. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing, reading, desperately trying to get her to eat Gerber pears or smashed avocados, and lots of puppy kisses.IMG_6117

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