31 for 21: Cardiology Update

I interrupt our regularly scheduled alphabetical post to bring you a cardiology update!

It was a loooong morning but I loved every extra second with my little Banana. She was in a great mood, despite the early wake up call, and super photogenic.


Before her appointment we met with a researcher in the Cardiology department to complete Part 2 of a research study I participated in. Part 1 was completing a half dozen questionnaires and answering 5 questions on video prior to Hannah’s surgery and Part 2 was answering the same questionnaires and interview questions after the surgery. Although the questions were the same, my sidekick’s energy level was way different this time. When Hannah wasn’t throwing her toys just out of reach, she was trying to help me flip the pages.


Right after that we hopped over to the newly remodeled Cardiology department. Hannah had a quick EKG, then an echo. I was worried the echo would be a pain the the butt because Hannah tends to kick the tech’s arm and she’s grabbier now. Luckily, it was feeding time so the bottle kept Hannah occupied. At one point, she reached out and held the tech’s finger. Of course I didn’t have my phone to capture the adorableness.

Up next was our visit with the lovely Dr. Salazar. This woman is awesome. She always looks impeccable, has a beautiful accent, and takes time to explain everything thoroughly to us. Today’s visit was quick because everything looks as good as it did during the last appointment in July. There’s still a tiny residual VSD that couldn’t be seen on the echo but the murmur could be heard. It’s small enough that we don’t need to be concerned. More importantly, the mitral valve is looking strong and not leaking. Since Hannah’s doing so well we won’t need to go back for 6 months!


After the appointment, we headed to work to meet Grandma, who then drove Hannah to daycare. Since I was there a little early I took Hannah in for a surprise visit. She loves the attention the ladies give her and tried to help me do some work.


Hannah’s still not loving the texture of baby food purees so I bought a Munchkin mesh feeder to trick her into trying new flavors. Today I stuck a banana chunk in it and she loved it. I had to take a video of her chomping and playing in her new big girl chair. It sure was messy but she seemed to like having control of the feeder.


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