31 for 21: S is for Strong

Today I was reminded that Hannah is one strong little girl, physically and intellectually.

This morning Maureen from Birth to Three visited Hannah at daycare, and according to the report card it was a busy hour. They worked on rolling, sitting, prop sitting, and eating. Maureen even got Hannah on her hands and knees for a minute! There was no mention of Hannah being too fussy or tired to finish the appointment. I was so proud of her and showered her with (even more) kisses.

We also had an afternoon appointment with Anne on the books. Anne read Maureen’s report and worked on the same skills, but focused on reaching for toys while sitting and on her belly. The best part was watching Hannah’s eyes. I could see the thought process running through her head. She’d see the toy, then look at her hand, as if she was calculating the distance between the two. Slowly, she’d reach out her hand, hook the ring of the toy with a finger or two, then quickly pull it back and stuff it in her mouth.

Anne also put Hannah on her hands and knees for a few seconds. It was quite possibly one of the top five cutest Hannah moments. I laid down so I could see her face, and the more Anne pulled her knees under her, the wider Hannah’s eyes got. I half expected her to yell “I’m flying!” based on the look in her eyes.

As I fed Hannah her bedtime bottle and we rocked in the darkness, I reflected on how far she’s come in eight short months, or even the three months that we’ve been working with Bto3. Each week her body gets stronger. The back muscles that were once made of wet noodles now allow Hannah to sit unassisted for a second or two before falling over (I almost cried from excitement). Her hands no longer flail about as if controlled by two opposing forces. Now, those arms move with intention, they have purpose.

Then I started laughing because Hannah essentially had two hours with personal trainers today, meaning she exercised more than I have all month. Plus, she didn’t complain or try to quit. Looks like I could learn I think or two from my little one.

One thought on “31 for 21: S is for Strong

  1. Pam

    Lee-poignant post! In my mind’s eye, I can see Hannah as she is “put through her paces”. You capture it perfectly with your words…and your love is visible, tangible, and more than obvious!
    Xo Aunt Pam


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