A Visit to the ENT

Holy writer’s block, Batman! Over the last two weeks I’ve tried to force myself and inspire myself to write but to no avail. The only thing I could ever think of was how much I miss Hannah lately when I’m not with her. For example, on Sunday I went shopping for decorations for her birthday party and almost started crying in the middle of Target. I did manage to write one thing last week but it was a pity party about how I sometimes hate being a working mom, don’t want to be a stay-at-home mom, and would like someone to pay me to snuggle with Hannah and take her on field trips. Not an inspiring tale.

Anyway, Hannah has been as adorable and perfect as ever lately. She had her 9 month check-up last week and the pediatrician finally recommended we see an ENT for the chronic congestion. After all the sick visits we’ve had when that poor girl could barely breathe…

According to the ENT, Hannah’s nasal passages are very small and not allowing for easy drainage. She didn’t want to do a scope because she didn’t think she’d be able to see anything with all the congestion and didn’t think it was fair to do to Hannah after having surgery a few months ago. There’s also some fluid in her ears that could be a concern in a few months if it doesn’t drain (because it could cause hearing/speech issues). The Dr agreed with the pediatrician that there’s no reason to give Hannah antibiotics that won’t do anything for a cold.

The Dr’s recommendation is to give Hannah saline drops multiple times a day, have a follow up appointment and hearing test in a few months, and talk to the pediatrician about having Hannah’s immunity checked. Unfortunately there’s not much else we can do except take Hannah out of daycare and put her in a bubble.

The best part of the appointment was that we had 10 minutes to spare so I brought Hannah into work real quick. Her last visit was in October when she was starting to hold herself up while sitting. This time I was able to plop her on my desk so she could see all of my coworkers. This girl is such a ham sometimes!


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